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You might be interested to know that most of my patients need :

A probiotic

Vitamin D

and the mineral most needing supplementation is magnesium

Dont forget to ask us if you have any questions!

If your on a prescription medicine don't forget to ask what is your body being robbed of...many of the side effects can be reduced by proper supplementation in your diet 

In case you need supplements....

We think of supplements as food substitutes....they fill the gaps that we are missing in our nutrition....

We offer a complete line of spray supplements!  Sprays can be more convenient and easier to absorb by the body!

But sometimes you need a supplement that is not available by spray...like a probiotic

We have 2 e-stores that offer high quality suppIements!  

We have a store through Designs for Health, I have been to their manufacturing plant to see for myself....

And our 

So I invite you to make your life easier, just order through the e-store and have what you need delivered to your door...

If your not sure, then drop in and ask, or drop an email...we'll help you...no matter where you buy.

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