​​mind and body medicine...for the whole of you!​

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Advanced Metabolic Medicine...


Please make an appointment today!  We will help you determine the way your body and mind can get you and keep you with all the vitality and wellness you deserve! 

Metabolic Testing to help you live your life fully!

Neurotherapy...don't let your brain run away with your life.  

Our nutrition is the first line of defense for our health.  Let us help you understand how your food can save you!


We are a medical clinic like no other!  Our services are designed to help you understand your true metabolic risk points, how to lose fat (and we stay with you to KEEP it of!). We have a keen interest in your mind and how you nourish yourself...

  • A suite of metabolic tests to highlight your risk...and help you fix it!
  • Weight loss with a year of support and coaching
  • Neurotherapy ( for ADD, ADHD, and much more)
  • Nutritional Support (Like guided supplementation, IV Nutrion, Counseling)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Spiritual Counseling

Get to know us

We bring aspects of Eastern and Western medicine together to help you achieve your best possible wellness.  We do this by testing your metabolism and making a plan, with you, and putting it in action! 

We suffer from many symptoms,( weight gain, blood sugar control, stress, cardiovascular disease, arthritis) but the majority arise from inflammation, our genome and immune system.

However, gaining control is closer than you might think...if you only know your individual points of risk!

Come in and find if some simple and profound changes can make a difference in your life....and how your live it!!

Weight Loss that you can own!  Our coaches and tools will help you get the right weight and keep it!